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Even though the decision of moving your home can be exhilarating, packing is something most of us fear. You must follow a few steps to ensure that your belongings will get to your destination in one piece.

Your move will be trouble-free and smoother if you do a pre-planning. And Movers Van Lines will help you to pre-plan your packing with a few tips:

Always form a thorough and complete list of what you will be moving to your new address.

Don't overlook to photograph or videotape any exclusive or valuable belongings.

it’s also shrewd to make a note of the serial numbers on your electronic equipment.

Wrap up all your fragile and delicate items in bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or tissue paper. Newspaper may leave ink marks on your valuable items; it should only be used in cases where the items are already cushioned. You can also make use of old linens, blankets, and towels to cover and cushion delicate items.

It is better at all times to start your packing well ahead of the move. Our specialist packers at use good quality, strong moving boxes, with strong bottoms.

Try to focus on one room at a time. Be certain that each and every box is definitely labeled as per room and item.

Those items which you don't require for your every day living routine should be packed first. The most vital items (such as photographs, wills, jewelry, home videos, and any other significant documents) should be packed separately so that you can individually carry them with you. An additional option you might want to think about is placing these important items in a safety deposit box until the move.

The boxes having fragile items must be clearly labeled "FRAGILE", and finally you must load them towards the top of your piles. Unbreakable items can be packed comfortably in smaller boxes. You must make it sure that the boxes are not too heavy. Don't put out of your mind to pack your books flat, alternating the bindings so they will be piled evenly. If possible, try to pack the small appliances and electronic equipment in the boxes they came in, and then taped safely. Check your owner's manual for any particular moving instructions of appliances and other electronic equipment. In order to evade needless ironing later on, make sure you have enough wardrobe boxes.

Your outdoor furniture’s may be too heavy to move in one piece, so you should make sure that you disassemble them. Be sure to place all the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and put it together with the furniture.

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