Making Moving With Pets Easier

Thousands of people move each year, and that means thousands of pets move, too. If you have a pet and are moving, Movers Van Lines suggest you some hints that should make the move easier.

Small pets that have cages, such as birds, gerbils and hamsters, can travel in their regular cages. For other pets you should buy or rent a box or carrier from the mover at Movers Van Lines.

Have your veterinarian check your pet to make sure that all shots are up to date and get appropriate medicines if your pet is prone to car sickness or nervousness.

Have a current health certificate and record of vaccinations filled out and keep them with you, especially if you will be crossing state lines.

Get a tag with your new address and phone number and attach it to your pet's collar along with the old tag.

While on the move, feed your pet lightly, keep plenty of water available and make frequent rest stops. Some veterinarians advise taking enough water for several days and changing gradually to the new water supply.

When you arrive to your destination, all pets, even those who usually go outside, should be kept indoors for a week or two and taken out only on a leash until they get used to their new surroundings. Make sure they get the amount of exercise they are used to and keep their routine as close to normal as possible.

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