Vital Moving Checklist

Movers Van Lines provides a moving checklist to the person who is planning a move. Before you can sever all financial ties with your old home, you'll have tie up a number of loose ends:

Set up a checking account in your new city before you move. That way you can conduct business from the day you arrive.

Tell your stockbroker your new address. If your broker has a branch office in the town where you're going, a simple electronic transfer will move the shares your broker holds for you. Changing firms may require more time and paperwork.

Notify your mutual funds. Fund companies can supply you with forms to discontinue direct monthly purchases from your old bank accounts and start transfers from your new accounts.

Reconsider any tax-free investment in your portfolio. If you're holding municipal bonds or bond funds that are tax-free in your current state and you're moving to another state, you'll lose the tax break once you move. Qualified financial planner at Movers Van Lines .com says most times it pays to sell bond funds and reinvest in funds that are tax-free in your new state. If you are holding money bonds and are facing a loss, hang on to them to maturity.

Update your will and estate plan if you're moving to a new state. Your new plan should reflect changes in state law, different property rights, or additional assets.

Deliver the contents to your new safe-deposit box in person. Hand-carry important documents during your move, or send them by insured certified mail and pick them up at the post office.

Stock up on prescription drugs and get your medical and dental records before you leave. Then you can take your time choosing new professional services at, or get immediate treatment without paying for new tests. Veterans of long-distance moves say the best sources of references for new providers of professional and financial services are new employers, local civic organizations and informal networks of fellow employees.

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