Choosing A Mover

We at help you to choose movers for your move. While choosing a mover you must keep the following points in your mind:

1. PRICE. At first you must know “what would be the entire expenditure?". You must obtain quotes from several movers and packers and have to be ready to make available:

Origination /destination

Approximate departure date

Type of items

Type of service desired (e.g., door-to-door transport vs. terminal-to-terminal)

Special transport services (e.g., enclosed transport)

You can also obtain these quotes from

2. PAYMENT METHOD. At the same time as some movers may not ask for the payment in advance, others require a deposit (10-25% of the total price), or full payment in advance. If you have given the deposit then, you have to pay the due amount at the time of delivery – typically with a cashiers check or cash. At times an extra charge of 2-3% is also charged while using a credit card with Movers.

3. CONTRACT. READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Do not depend on any unwritten promises from your Movers. After you sign your agreement, your movers must refer you to the agreement for any objections you may have, which may include fee to cancel your shipment. The most significant point to look for is a clause declares that there is no guaranteed pickup or delivery date. Even though most movers give the delivery of the shipment within the expected timeframe, most will not guarantee a delivery date. You must ask for a clause in the contract that declares that the cancellation fee will be returned if the shipment is not picked up by your movers within a time period of 3-4 days of the scheduled pickup date. If you cancel your shipment within the agreed window, then you are expected to pay some charges, which may differ from $50 to $250.

4. INSURANCE. Your shipment must be indemnified against any kind of damage and theft by your movers. Try to get a copy of insurance coverage. Professional movers at provide proper insurance to all your belongings.

5. PICK-UP AND DELIVERY DATES. Ask for expected pick-up and delivery times. You should be able to get a 3-4 days time for pick-up – throughout the busy summer or snow fall the expected time frame may be larger, but the movers may warn you of possible delays ahead of time. Be a little bit unconvinced of exact pick-up and delivery dates promised by movers – if you are assured of exact dates, get it in writing and state the remedy if service is not executed on promised dates ($50 discount, no fee to cancel, etc.). Once pick-up is completed, your movers should give you a reasonably accurate delivery date.

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