Move Tips After you Move

There are times when life imitates art. And then there are times when life "imitates your book contract."

Movers Van Lines .com provides 10 tips for after the move:

Uprooting is a major disturbance, and with it comes some sense of defeat. Acknowledge and respect your loss.

If a new job precipitated your move, remember your work/life priorities, work collaboratively with your employer to achieve a smooth transition, and give yourself time to adjust to your new work environment.

If you are relocating for your spouse/partner, remember to take care of yourself. Inquire about possible assistance available from your partner's employer, seek out other relocating partners who can offer friendship and support, and communicate with your partner using no critical and no threatening language.

If you are moving with children, remind them that home truly is where the heart is - family values, traditions and goals stay the same no matter where you live.

Minimize moving stress for your pets by giving them time to adjust; expect a few litter box lapses; and help your dog become acclimated by walking around the neighborhood with a leash. Practice patience.

Be mindful of the intangible elements that make a new place feel like home; look beyond the practical elements of space and consider the things that truly bring warmth and cheer into your home.

Create custom road maps that will help you get from here to there and back again; keep a "destinations notebook" in your car which includes directions from your new home to points in your community.

Become rooted in your new community by volunteering for a worthy cause; it is a great way to become connected and meet like-minded individuals.

Learn to reach out, resisting the temptation to wait for others to make the first move, invite new neighbors to your home for a casual get-together; ask new neighbors for referrals.

Remember that over time your place will, indeed, begin to feel like home.

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